The WRT Workshop Manager will:

  • Manage the daily operations in the workshop including the management of manpower planning, logistics, stores, and infrastructure
  • Have a technical background and experience and knowledge of racing cars
  • Have strong management skills
  • Have the ability to set priorities in function of the workload and the race programs
  • Be motivated to reach goals and objectives of the team
  • Promote high-standards and quality of service and team spirit in the workforce

The duties of the WRT Workshop Manager will include:

  • Technical support
  • Contributes own expertise and experience on technical and mechanical matters
  • Pro-actively assists the mechanics if necessary
  • Coordinates with the program managers to support requirements of the different WRT business lines and activities

Logistic support:

  • Manages the maintenance and legal compliance of WRT service vehicle and truck fleet
  • Manages and schedules the use of WRT service vehicles and trucks for the different WRT business lines and activities to ensure saturation and efficiency
  • Directly manages the truck drivers

Management of race shop work-force:

  • Works in close collaboration with the program managers to efficiently employ the workforce to ensure productivity
  • Directly manages the skilled mechanics
  • Manages the Technical Support Divisions (engine, transmission, machining, and fabrication shops) to ensure proper productivity and service to the different WRT business lines and activities
  • Infrastructure
  • Manages the maintenance and space utilization of the facilities
  • Ensures compliance with health and safety requirements interfacing with the WRT Health and Safety Responsible

The WRT Workshop Manager should have the following desired skillset:

  • Motorsport experience
  • Hands on approach with a flexible “Can Do” & “Will Do” attitude
  • Flexible with workload and tight deadline
  • Truck driving licence is a plus
  • Knowledge of French and English required, notions of German considered as a bonus
  • Pro-active problem solver
  • Strong communicator
  • Strong organisation and planning capacities


The WRT stores & supply chain manager manages the stock officers in a conscious precious way as if he/she is the personal owner of the stock & the stock value.

The principal duty of the store & supply chain manager is to organize and monitor the work of the stock officers so that inventory levels are correct. The stores & supply chain manager is responsible for managing storage warehouse, purchase of articles as well as the delivering of products. He/she is also the warehouse assistant for DTM. As this job is new at WRT the stores & supply chain manager will introduce processes in close collaboration with the support team.

The stock manager will be directly managing a team of 2-3 stock officers and will have to attend some races during the season.

Duties will include

  • Supervising the stock on a day-to-day basis to achieve daily performance measures and labour productivity
  • Manage the loading / unloading of vehicles following correct stock policies and procedures
  • Review, design and implement a strong and robust stock intake/outtake system
  • Investigating and advising on variances
  • Initiate, manage and monitor all stock counts and ensure all stakeholders receive accurate and timely information
  • Work closely with Support to determine best practice for frequency of ordering and stock holding level
  • Maintaining standards of Health and Safety plus Hygiene and Security in the working environment
  • Ensure all stock and stock management systems are maintained accurately
  • Manage all stock for age of stock to reduce number of downgrades and write offs

Monthly reporting

  • The stock manager steers and helps the warehouse assistants
  • The stock manager will help in busy periods and will replace in case of holiday and illness
  • The stock manager owns the stock and manages it with proud
  • Maintains good relations with our SW provider and work close with them in order to optimize collaboration at all times

Essential Skills

  • Strong organization and planning capacities
  • The stock manager finds fulfillment in helping other people (clients, colleagues, management…)
  • Training of colleagues is a pleasure and a must
  • Strong in organization, shipment and reception of products
  • IT proficient, with the ability to learn software packages
    Ability to prioritize work activities to ensure Customer expectations are met
  • Experience of Stock Taking & Stock Control
  • Analytical & problem solving skills
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to liaise with all levels
  • Strong verbal & written communication skills
  • Strong in writing, implementing, maintaining and controlling processes
  • Strong Excel skills to produce reports
  • A flexible “can do” & “Will Do” attitude : the ideal candidate will be an outgoingperson with strong leadership qualities
  • Ability to prioritize work activities to ensure Customer expectations are met
  • Negotiation skills in order to negotiate internally and externally in a correct polite manner


  • The stores & supply chain manager manager is responsible and accountable for the management of the WRT stock and will be the warehouse assistant for the DTM-program
  • The stores & supply chain manager delivers monthly reports to the management team
  • With the introduction of processes and dash boarding stock will be managed in such a way that a minimum is respected but overload and thus risk of devaluation is avoided
  • In order to fulfil this role, the stock manager will have full support of the CEO as well as the mgm team


We have a vacancy within our team for a mechanic for the DTM and GT program.


We are looking for a qualified Motor Specialist to join the team.


WRT vous offre la possibilité de découvrir le monde passionnant du sport automobile

Vous serez en charge de :

  • lire les plans
  • faire à la soudure sur des pièces en alu, inox et acier
  • faire le montage et l'assemblage des pièces


Vous avez une expérience stable de plus de 5 ans.

Vous êtes très compétent dans la lecture de plans mécanique et de soudure.

Vous savez faire de la soudure semi automatique et TIG

Vous êtes précis, sérieux et motivés

Vous êtes flexible.


We have a vacancy within our team for a mechanic for the tyre man and stock keeper.