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We have a vacancy within our team for a mechanic for the DTM and GT program.

We are looking for a qualified Motor Specialist to join the team.

Purpose of the Role

The purpose of this role (herein referred to as “Tire Man”) is to provide a skilled person to operate the transport trucks and trailers and to manage tire. The role will foresee activities in the workshop and at the race and test events. The mechanic may also be requested to lend service in all programs within WRT.


The Tire Man should have the following desired skillset:

  • Motorsport experience and truck-driving and trailer-handling experience
  • Hold a valid truck-driver’s licence
  • Hands on approach with a flexible “Can Do” & “Will Do” attitude
  • Flexible with workload and tight deadline
  • Knowledge of English required, notions of German considered as a bonus

Key Tasks

The tasks and duties of the Tire Man will include:

Pre-Event and Post-Event Activities in the Workshop

  • Load and un-load the trucks ensuring proper and safe storage of the cars, equipment, and flight cases, with the assistance of other crew members as possible
  • Drive the truck to and from the race/test venues
  • Maintain the consumables stock according to a stock list and proactively advise the Crew Chief when there are problems or doubts
  • Maintain the truck and trailer in respectable form and safe operating order, proactively advise the workshop manager when there are problems or doubts
  • Contribute to constructing and maintaining specialized shop and car equipment;
  • Ensure cleanliness and tidiness of the workshop and the work-environment
  • Order and maintain enough Nitrogen gas for the race weekend
  • Responsible for dispensing of consumables and ensuring an adequate stock of consumables are available, interfacing with the Magasin for supply chain.

Upon Arrival / Set up day at Event/Pre-running sessions

  • Assist with setting up/dismantling team equipment in the garage including unloading/loading materials from the transporters
  • Maintain the truck and trailer in respectable form
  • Ensure cleanliness and tidiness of the trailers and garage areas
  • Check completed job list tasks with the Crew Chief
  • Manage tire duties for his assigned car, liasing with the car chief and the race engineer of the assigned car
  • Ensure deadlines for tire chores are respected in order to be compliant with the Sporting Regulations
  • Ensure the Trucks , rear of garage and front of house areas are of a clean and presentable state and of the standard required by WRT.
  • Always be compliant and prompt as per team timetable

During sessions (FP, Qualy and Race, test sessions)

  • Don’t over-complicate -- Keep it simple wherever possible
  • Provide clear comms with the Car Chief and Race Engineer
  • Participate in the pit-stops
  • Maintain the tires, ensure the high-working standards in Tire Management according to WRT Best Practices
  • Attend the tire lottery and take charge of the teams allotted tires
  • Follow Race Engineer’s instructions regarding tire pressures and other data required (eg ,weight ,diameter, etc)
  • Keep the garage clean and tidy at all times (half-drunk bottle of water, general rubbish, boarding to be cleaned, floor swept or vacuumed as required etc)
  • Assist the mechanics with small jobs as required (emptying drip trays, cleaning car parts, providing consumables, etc)
  • Maintain the fueling equipment (pumps, Breda batteries charged, Fuel collected and ready in good time)
  • Assist the designated Fuel person as required (transport/moving of fuel )
  • Fill/top up the air bottles in the pit gantry and garage as and when required
  • Set out and remove the Tensa barriers before and after each session
  • Report anomalies and issues encountered in his tasks immediately to the Crew Chief and/or Race Engineer
  • Keep it safe – stay calm and positive