Steijn Schothorst


About Steijn

General information
Birth Date 14/10/1994
Birthplace Blaricum
Nationality Dutch
Steijn's favorites
Favorite Tracks Spa
Favorite Current F1 Driver Max Verstappen
Favorite Past F1 Driver Ayrton Senna
Favorite Food Italian
Favorite Movie Shawshank Redemption
Steijn's vision
Slogan "Never give up"
Career Highlights

- 1st place finish on my first BPGT weekend last year in Zolder
- 2nd in the renowned Formula Ford festival in 2011
- 2nd overall in the 2015 Renault RS01 Championship with most wins and pole positions.
- 3rd overall in BPGT Sprint 2018
- Doing a guest weekend back in the Renault RS01 in 2016 and taking pole and a race win.

Personal Goals

- Help my teammate to become an even better driver
- Learn from WRT professionalism.
- Win the 12H of Spa.