Fun Cup EVO3


WRT has developed the 3rd generation of the Fun Cup, a real race car for everybody, keeping the same philosophy from the 1st generation: fun for an affordable price.

With more than 500 Fun Cup cars sold in the past two decades, the 3rd generation turns towards the next challenge of motorsport: a light and efficient engine, like in F1 or WRC. Fun Cup cars are developed to be driven by all, from newcomers to professionals. It is the best way to discover motorsport and to share it with friends and partners. 

All the Fun Cup cars are the same: a tubular frame chassis with a 2L engine and the look of the famous ‘Beetle’.

From its 1.800 cm³ engine delivering 130 horse power, to the last 1.983 cm³ engine carrying 172 horse power, the Fun Cup never missed the train of modernity, and this will continue! 

In 2012, the so-called ‘3rd Gen.’ hit the track for all to enjoy. The latest generation engine, sequential gearbox, power steering, aluminium rims, modern safety standards. The car’s ever-increasing success has been a result of its manoeuvrability, reliability, ease to drive, sporty nature and most importantly, it’s element of FUN!



Type Valves per cylinder
4 cylinder 4
Race power Max torque
126 kW / 172 hp 202 Nm
Displacement Fuel Tank Capacity
1983 cc 44 l

Transmission & suspension

Transmission Suspension
Rear wheel drive, Sequential gearbox Mc Pherson


Front Rear
195-50/15 205-50/15


Structure Body
Tubular frame by AMP Polyester
Length Width
3,850 mm 1,740 mm
Height Weight
1,410 mm 780 kg

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